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This is a jealousy lapbook to help pupils understand their jealousy. There are lots of pockets and things inside the pockets to help them.

What is included in the jealousy lapbook?

  • Title in colour and black and white
  • Name and picture in colour and black and white
  • What is jealousy pocket in colour and black and white.
  • Jealousy pocket contents – description of jealousy, scenario cards to explore what might cause jealousy
  • Times I felt jealous pocket in colour and black and white
  • Times I felt jealous contents – Jealousy scale in colour and black and white, A time I felt jealous cards
  • My jealous thoughts pocket in colour and black and white
  • My jealous thoughts contents – Thought challenging questions and cards for pupils to write their negative thoughts
  • Jealous behaviours pocket in colour and black and white
  • Jealous behaviours contents – This is what I do when I feel jealous cards for pupils to fill in. There is also information for the adult to help prompt what those behaviours might be.
  • My coping strategies pocket in colour and black and white
  • My coping strategies contents – concertina booklet for pupils to fill in coping strategies, cards for pupils to fill in. Coping strategy suggestion cards.
  • What’s underneath my jealous feelings booklet in colour and black and white.
  • What’s special about me game with question cards in colour only

Suggestions on how to use the jealousy lapbook

  • Name – pupil writes their name in a colourful way – they could write in bubble writing or decorate it anyway they wish. Why do they like their name? How did they get their name? Do they know of anyone they admire with the same name? Do they have a nickname? (Front cover)
  • Picture- either take a photo of the pupil to stick here or ask them to draw themselves. (Front cover)
  • Title– Discuss the title (Front cover)
  • What is jealousy?– This pocket is for exploring what jealousy is. Read the cards and then go through the scenario cards for the pupils to gain understanding and talk about how they would be affected by the examples.
  • Times I was jealous –This pocket is for giving examples of when they felt jealous.
  • My jealous thoughts – What is going through their minds when they are feeling jealous? There are some thought challenging questions and also pupils can write what is on their mind in the thinking bubbles.
  • My jealous behaviours– What do they do when they are feeling jealous. This pocket can be used to explore behaviours due to jealousy. There is a useful list of suggestions for the adult for prompting the pupil. The pupil can write down how they behave and how that might impact on how they feel. What could they do instead?
  • What’s underneath my jealousy? This is a flip book so pupils can understand that often there is another feeling underneath the jealousy. They can explore those other feelings with this flip book. Do they feel sad? Angry? Worried? Scared? Or something else? There might be some insecurity or feelings of being unsafe. Help them explore.
  • My coping strategies –This pocket is about coping strategies. There are lots of suggestions along with cards pupils can fill in themselves. There is also a concertina booklet in this pocket for them to write 4 coping strategies.
  • What’s special about me game – This is a game to play to focus on the importance of self awareness and their own strengths and talents. Raising self esteem may help those jealous feelings. (back cover)

40 sheets in total

"ELSA/Learning mentorDebbie's Empathy game is my all time favourite resource. The children learn so much from this game and it has us in stitches every time we play. Debbie you are star, and without planning time would not be able to facilitate as many sessions as I do without your resources. Your resources are a great price especially when I have to purchase them out of my own pocket. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise to enable us to be successful in helping our troubled and complicated children."

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