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Iceberg emotions

This iceberg emotions sheet is a fantastic way of explaining how emotions manifest themselves. Only the tip of the iceberg shows in the water but underneath there is a huge amount of ice.

Anger may show itself but what is behind the anger? The anger is the tip of the iceberg. What is underneath. There may be embarrassment, sadness, anxiety, frustration, depression, grief, insecurity, regret, jealously or shame.

Ask the child to write the word ‘angry’ or some other emotion and then dig deeper and try and find out what causes that emotion. If a child recognises that perhaps it is their sadness or anxiety that is causing the anger then perhaps it might be easier to address.

This file is set for A3 printing so print it and laminate it. Put it on your wall and it can be something you refer to often when working with pupils.

DOWNLOAD: iceberg

You could also use this with our ‘No Frills emotion cards’

There are 168 different emotions/feelings and conditions in this pack.


"I don’t know what I’d do without the fab resources. I love them and more importantly the children love them. There’s always a resource to help you out."

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