Holiday memories take away bag - Elsa Support for emotional literacy

Holiday memories take away bag

This holiday memories takeaway bag activity is to reflect on all the good things that have happened over the holiday period. Which memories do they children want to take away with them and remember? It could be used for any holiday period throughout the year.

A fab back to school activity which will help increase happiness. Thinking about our memories can really boost happiness especially if they are not too keen on coming back to school. Sharing the good times with others can also spark lots of conversation. The pupil may not have gone on holiday but am sure there will be some good times at home during the holidays from days out to baking a cake with grandma. Picnics in the garden, park or yard and so on.

There are two bags included so the pupil can choose. All they need to do is decorate their bag with memories either drawing or writing or both.

Download: Holidays take away bag

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