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Small targets to assist self efficacy

Some children have brilliant self concept and self esteem but when it comes to actually persevering with a task they won’t try and fear failure. This little worksheet worked brilliantly with one of the children I tutor in reading. The task of reading the book was split into six mini targets. We did one and then something else and then did another, then something else. By the time we reached the third target the child decided to continue reading the book. The sense of achievement was immense and I didn’t prompt, encourage or do anything other than listen and ask questions on what had been read. Another example of how ELSA skills can be used in other areas of the curriculum. Our next book will be slightly harder but with the same six mini targets.

Thank you to Sharon for sending me the initial idea and worksheets she uses.

Download: Small steps targets This resource is in word format so you can add and delete rows and erase my typing.


I could do it without any help!

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