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Worry Boxes – Item 590


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Worry Boxes: a simple yet powerful tool that can provide huge benefits for children. Stress and anxiety can weigh heavily on young minds, having an outlet to express worries can be so beneficial.

  1. Encourages Emotional Expression: Worry boxes serve as a safe space for children to express their concerns without fear of judgment or consequences. By allowing them to articulate their worries, children develop emotional awareness. They can learn to identify and manage their feelings more effectively.
  2. Promotes Problem-Solving Skills: When children write down their worries and place them in the box, it prompts them to think about potential solutions. This process encourages critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and fosters a sense of empowerment. They will actively engage in finding resolutions for their concerns.
  3. Enhances Communication: Worry boxes provide an opportunity for children to communicate their concerns with trusted adults, such as parents, teachers or ELSAs. It opens up avenues for meaningful discussions, strengthening the bond between children and their caregivers. This increased communication helps adults gain insights into a child’s emotional state, facilitating better support and guidance.

Included in the Worry Boxes pack:

  • 12 different designs of worry box templates
  • 15 Worry challenging questions on bubbles that can be used to stick onto the worry box
  • 7 Affirmation bubbles that can be used to stick onto the worry box
  • 4 different designs of worry notes for pupils to write on or draw on. This covers a vast age group from more detailed to a simple worry monster.
"The resources are such a time saver! No more scrabbling around or spending time making my own. The set interventions are great as they have everything you need including assessment paperwork. Thanks so much - please keep them coming!"

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