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Twinkle with respect – Item 453


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This is ELSA Support’s  Twinkle with respect intervention. It is written for children from approximately KS2 to KS3.

The Respect intervention  is for a group of 6 children and is led by an ELSA or a teaching assistant. It covers emotions, relaxation, calming down techniques and learning objectives around respect.  It runs for approximately 30-40 minutes, weekly for six weeks.  There are lots of visuals, circle times and group activities along with lots of expression through drawing and writing.

Pupils will learn about emotions along with relaxation and coping skills each session.  This knowledge and these skills will help them to become more emotionally literate. The coming together of a group fosters a sense of belonging and contributes towards higher self-esteem. Every opportunity should be taken to promote belonging and friendship.

This ‘Twinkle with respect intervention’ follows this structure

Welcome and emotional register– welcome the pupils to the group, go over the group rules and talk about how they feel today.

Warm up – This is an unrelated activity to warm the pupils up and break the ice.

Activity – this is where the pupils work on the learning objective.

Relaxation/Mindfulness – Teaches valuable relaxation and mindfulness skills.

Review of the session – pupils talk about their learning experience.

Resources – ready to print and go!

  • Group rules
  • Planning for 6 sessions
  • Certificate on completion
  • Feelings wheels
  • 5 things you can see visual
  • I showed respect comic strip
  • Reach the sky visual
  • I showed disrespect comic strip
  • Fill your mind with colour visual
  • Respect and disrespect cards
  • Respect and disrespect examples worksheet
  • Scenario sort
  • List of characteristics
  • Passing through visual
  • Personal characteristic comic strip
  • Count those breaths visual
  • Design a poster task
  • Scenario consequences
  • Stand like a mountain visual
  • What I did or said

All the printable resources are included. You will also need a few other things such as colouring pens, pencils, a set of dominoes, and whiteboards and pens.

The lessons cover the following:

Learning objectives

Lesson 1

What is respect?

Lesson 2

What is disrespect?

Lesson 3

I can tell the difference between respect and disrespect

Lesson 4

What is self respect

Lesson 5

What is respect for our environment?

Lesson 6

What is respect for others?


"The worries and fears lapbook has been a great resource. It builds from sizing their worries, understanding control, to strategies to try. It’s lovely that they have something to take home to talk through with other adults."

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