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Transition lapbook – Moving on – Item 125

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Moving on transition lapbook – This resource is to support pupils through the changes when moving class or school.

There are two versions, one in black and white so the child can colour the lettering etc and one in colour where they can just cut and stick. The changes game is only available in colour.

What’s included in the transition lapbook?

Name – pupil writes their name in a colourful way. They they could write in bubble writing or decorate it anyway they wish. Why do they like their name? How did they get their name? Do they know of anyone they admire with the same name? Do they have a nickname?

Picture– either take a photo of the pupil to stick here or ask them to draw themselves.

Front cover title – Discuss the title. What does it mean to move on?

My new school or new class worries – What sort of things are they worried about? Use the writing sheets for pupils to write down their worries to put in the little pocket. Discuss these at each session and help to reassure the child about the changes that will happen when they move class or school.

Questions about my new school or class – This is a perfect opportunity to answer all those questions about the new school or class. You can either find out together or find out for the child. There are also some ‘what if’ type questions for you to ask and some ‘positivity’ questions for you to instill some positivity into the session.

My autograph and message book – This little book can be made up with as many pages as the pupil wants. Let them collect autographs and messages from friends and teachers to take on with them to the next school or class. This fits inside the memory jar.

Targets– This is a little tab booklet. The child has to come up with a target for the rest of the term, a target for the summer holidays and a target for the new school or class. Help them to be positive about the changes to come.

Memory Jar – This includes concertina books with some prompts some blank clouds for write down memories and their autograph book goes in here too. The pupil could also add photos or anything else they want to remember. Remind them that they are going to make more positive memories when they change to the new school or class.

A letter to my future self – What do they hope for in the future? How can they see themselves when they are in the next class or in their new school. What will they be doing? What will they have achieved? Will they have new friends? A letter could also be written telling their future self of what they are doing now. They could write any worries or concerns.

Friends – The child can write their friend’s name and finish the image to look like their friend. All their friends can fit into the little pocket. Remind them that they have new friends waiting for them at their new school and they can keep in touch with their old friends.

Changes game (back cover) – Change is a big part of transition and this little game is an ideal opportunity to explore change in a deeper way.


"I love them , I have been a pastoral TA in Primary for 4 years and have used them a lot , currently doing ELSA training !"

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