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Exciting Times Ahead transition – Item 583


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This Exciting times ahead transition resource is designed to help students in Year 2 and above navigate their worries and embrace the excitement that comes with changes in new schools or classes. With 23 engaging sheets to choose from, you can tailor the experience to suit each individual student you’re working with.

Included in this pack of exciting times ahead transition resource are a variety of activities to explore and manage the emotions associated with change. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside the exciting times ahead resource pack:

  • What is excitement?  – Definition of excitement and exploring exciting times
  • Excited you! – Drawing a picture of them feeling excited and saying why
  • Past excitement – Reflect on moments of excitement in their current class or school to remind themselves of positive experiences.
  • Excitement words – Expand their vocabulary by exploring synonyms for excitement and discovering new ways to express themselves.
  • Exciting times ahead – Exciting things they are looking forward to. This could be at the new school or class or anything else outside of school
  • Exciting questions – Some questions to discuss to instil excitement
  • What are worries? – Definition of worries and exploring worries
  • Worry words – synonyms of worry – what other words mean the same or similar?
  • Worried you! – Drawing a picture of them feeling worried and saying why
  • Worries – Drawing or writing worries concerning a new class or school
  • Past worries – Exploring past worries and how they overcame them
  • Questions I can ask – Engage in stimulating discussions and thought-provoking questions to cultivate a sense of anticipation.
  • Changing worry thoughts – Guide them in transforming worrisome thoughts into exciting ones, promoting a positive mindset.
  • Problem solving – using the worry tree
  • Letting worries go – Provide examples of how to release worries, empowering students to move forward with renewed optimism.
  • Problem solving worries – questions to go through to navigate a worry in their control
  • Worried or excited? – Explore common school situations and determine whether they evoke excitement or worry using a scale and cards.
  • Worry or excitement? – one thing they are worried about and one thing they are excited about
  • Worry or excitement heart – Art therapy exercise to fill a heart with colour – one colour is for excitement and one for worries
  • Imagine your first day – Guide pupils in imagining their first day in the new school or class, focusing on excitement and positive possibilities.
  • Support network – Help pupils identify individuals who can provide support during this transition phase.
  • Worried or excited scale – use a pipe cleaner to scale worries or excitement

With this comprehensive resource, students will be equipped to navigate their worries and embrace the excitement that lies ahead. Let the adventure begin!

"My go to to find any resources, easy to Download, affordable and sometimes free! A godsend when you don’t have a budget! if there isn’t anything suitable Debbie then magically creates it!! Amazing"

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