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Coping Cup – Item 537


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Coping cup resource

This is a coping cup resource for younger children. It consists of a cup craft activity and lots of marshmallows with visual coping skills.

Talk to the pupil about how comforting and relaxing a cup of hot chocolate is. You could perhaps start your session by drinking a cup of hot chocolate together so you can discuss how that feels. Bonus if you have some mini marshmallows to sprinkle on top. Talk about the taste, texture, and smell of marshmallows and the chocolate. Soft, fluffy, light, and taste delicious.

All big feelings are covered with the marshmallow coping skills. From sadness, to anger to anxiety and fear.

Make up the cup together

Young children may need a little help with cutting carefully and folding the cup template up. Read the little poem to the pupil. Ask them name a time when they felt a big emotion and discuss it together. What might help? Go through the marshmallow cards together and they could practise some of them and discuss together.

End the session with a pupil choosing 3 or 4 coping skills to take away in their cup. You could put a blob of blu tak to keep the cup closed. The pupil would take away their cup back to class. Make sure you have discussed with the teacher and the pupil can keep it safely somewhere in the classroom.

Some blank marshmallows are included so the pupil could draw or write their own coping skill. The cup and blank marshmallows are also included in black and white. I have also included a cup without the poem if you want to write something yourself or the pupil might want to decorate it themselves.

Included in the pack:

  • Coloured cup template with poem
  • Coloured cup template without poem
  • Black and white cup template with poem
  • Black and white cup template without poem
  • 42 Coloured coping skill marshmallows
  • 6 coloured marshmallows with space to write or draw
  • 6 black and white marshmallows with space to write or draw
"In my many roles under the Wellbeing umbrella, including ELSA, Debbie's amazing resources always come up trumps and there is always a resource to fit a situation or need. Helping our children is made so much easier and more fun with everything that is on the site and if there is a resource you need, Debbie is always willing to create one that fits your requirements. Thank you.Annie - Wellbeing Lead/Learning Mentor/Nurture and Pastoral Support - Primary"

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