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Children’s Feelings Dictionary – Item 588

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This is a children’s feelings dictionary. The title is ‘Feelings Explorers – a journey to discover your feelings’

This dictionary covers the word and a simple definition. It is aimed at primary or older if older students don’t mind the characters.

Life presents children with a range of challenging emotions, such as anger, anxiety, or fear. A feelings dictionary equips them with the tools to navigate these emotions more effectively. It empowers children to label their feelings, recognise their triggers, and identify appropriate coping strategies. This emotional resilience not only helps them manage difficult emotions but also promotes mental well-being and fosters a positive outlook on life.

Labeling feelings is a crucial step in teaching children how to regulate their emotions. When children can identify and label their emotions, they are better equipped to manage them. By recognising when they are experiencing frustration, for example, children can learn strategies to calm themselves down, such as taking deep breaths or engaging in a preferred calming activity. The ability to regulate emotions effectively contributes to improved self-control and reduced impulsivity.

Labeling feelings enhances children’s communication skills. When children can articulate their emotions, it becomes easier for them to express their needs and wants to others. By using specific emotional labels, children can convey their feelings more accurately, allowing others to understand and respond appropriately. This improved communication fosters healthier relationships, as it encourages empathy, understanding, and effective problem-solving.

Labeling feelings not only helps children understand their own emotions but also enables them to empathise with others. When children can identify and label emotions in themselves, they develop the ability to recognise similar emotions in others. This understanding promotes empathy, as children can better grasp what someone else might be feeling in a given situation. Developing empathy and understanding of others’ emotions fosters positive social interactions and promotes a more inclusive and compassionate mindset.

Included in this Children’s Feelings Dictionary

  • 13 Page booklet with a front cover – this is the dictionary from A to Z, lots of words included. Please note there are no words beginning with the letter X.
  • A to Z of feelings worksheet – for pupils to choose words they like and write them down or add words not included in the dictionary. Please note there are no feelings words for x
  • Feelings words I can use worksheet – for pupils to think about the core emotions such as angry, sad, scared, happy, disgusted and surprised and write words they would use to describe those emotions.
  • Feelings words to describe the characters worksheet – pupils can look through the dictionary and choose words to describe the character’s feelings.
  • Synonyms worksheet – pupils can hunt for synonyms of the 6 core emotions.
  • Silly sentences worksheet – pupils can make up silly sentences using some of the feelings words in the dictionary.
  • Draw the feeling worksheet – pupils can choose six words from the dictionary and try to draw what that feeling might look like.
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