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Angry Arnold’s Anger intervention – Item 464


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This is Angry Arnold’s Anger intervention for a group of 4 children aged 5 to 7 years old.

For working one to one then please check out Angry Arnold’s lapbook

Included in the pack are all the paper resources you will need.

Lesson layout is as follows:

  • Welcome, circle time rules, feelings check in
  • Activities, circle time working on the learning objective
  • Relaxation/calming techniques
  • Review of the session
  • Optional classroom ideas to continue learning

Included in the pack:

  • Planning booklet
  • Circle time rule posters
  • Feelings wheel
  • Angry Arnold’s learning booklet (assessment)
  • Happy sad sorting cards
  • Happy sad scenario sorting cards
  • Happy Arnold, Angry Arnold posters
  • Calming cards
  • Body sheet
  • A variety of worksheets

Learning objectives for Angry Arnold’s Anger intervention:

  • Lesson 1 – I can tell you what an angry face looks like
  • Lesson 2 – I can tell you what my anger triggers are
  • Lesson 3 – I can understand how being angry can make my body feel uncomfortable
  • Lesson 4– I can tell you tell you what I do when I am angry
  • Lesson 5 – I can tell you about my thoughts when I am angry
  • Lesson 6 – I can talk about some ways for me to cope with my anger
"Don’t know how I could do ELSA without Debbie’s wonderful free resources. The children really enjoy them. Thank you Debbie"

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