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5 Stages of Grief – Item 566


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This 5 stages of Grief resource is an adaptation, for pupils, of the Kubler-Ross model and was inspired by the book ‘The Hare-Shaped Hole’ where all 5 stages are clearly identified.

It is important to mention that not all stages are experienced, and they might not be linear. A pupil may experience all of them, some of them, none of them and in a different order. They might go back and forth between one stage and another stage.

However, these 5 stages are most often observed in the grieving process.

Knowing what these stages are and how the pupil is experiencing them will give a better understanding of themselves and their unique experience. It will hopefully help them meet their own needs during the grieving process. Also knowing that they feel the emotions that they are feeling will normalize them and help them understand that it is ok. They are normal and there is hope, acceptance and healing for the future.

Grief can be due to many reasons such as death, divorce, someone leaving, a friend moving away, illness, end of a relationship, life changing illness and so on.

Please note I have used the term ‘person or pet that has gone’ rather than using lost. I think lost can make a pupil think that ‘THEY lost them’. Please adapt when talking to the pupil as necessary.

The cards are for your use. Please pick out some of the questions you want to ask. They are not meant for a pupil to pick because some may be very relevant but some may not be. Please use as needed in the context of the situation. Please omit ‘person’ or ‘pet’ as required, what asking the questions.

Included in this 5 stages of grief pack

  • A small folder for keeping the cards
  • 6 large cards that fit into the folder with the 5 stages clearly explained
  • 6 A4 posters should you want to display these
  • 6 Worksheets on the 5 stages
  • 36 Grief conversation cards

18 A4 sheets in total.

"Such a wide range of resources to choose from - always something that can be used for different ages and situations. I have used so many and return to them time and time again. They are all super, but my favourites are the actual programmes that run over several sessions - for example the Super Girl Group. So easy to follow, it provides great confidence to allow you to really engage with the group rather than worry about what to do next. Brilliant."

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