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All about me for Early Years – Item 499


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This is a request for an ‘all about me for early years booklet’

We also have an ‘All about me secondary’ and ‘All about me KS2’

21 pages of useful information. You can choose whether to do all the pages or just a few of them depending on the needs of the pupil you are working with. This is suitable from about 4 to 7 years old. Lots of drawing and colouring included. Of course you can scribe for them if needed. It is the process that is important and what they talk to you about. The name on the front page is editable so you can type in their name which will make them feel very important! You will see a blue box when you open with Adobe reader. Just type their name and save the file. You can then print all the pages or some of the pages using your print options. I have included a blank second page so you can print duplex if you want to. This means the white page will be on the back of your front cover.

Pages include:

  • This is me
  • My name
  • My birthday
  • My age
  • My house
  • My brothers and sisters
  • My pets
  • My feelings at home
  • My feelings at school
  • Something I am proud of
  • Things that make me happy
  • Things that relax me
  • My friend
  • Things I am good at
  • Something you don’t know about me
  • Things I can do by myself
  • Worries that I have
  • Words to describe me
  • My favourite things
  • People who help me
  • Things I dislike
"Debbie's resources have been such a help in my Elsa role. I use them daily and they are my "go to" every time."

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