Pupil Feedback Form – ELSA Sessions

This Pupil feedback Form can be used pre and post intervention. It will give you a bit more evidence should you need it on pupil progress. Like many resources I have created in the past it was an ELSA who contacted me and asked if this was something I provided. Through discussion in the ELSA Group this form has been created.

Use this pre and post intervention and find out what the child really thinks. I do think it is important to discuss with a child why they are with you and what you think they need. It is good for them to try and put into words what they think their problems are. A lot of children do know what their problems are. It could be as simple as ‘I don’t have any friends’, or ‘My dog died’, ‘I get really angry and hurt people’, or ‘I am worried all the time’.


Boy pupil feedback form

Girl pupil feedback form

Pupil feedback form


There are lots of other forms on the admin section of the website.

"The resources are brilliant, they really have helped me in setting up my ELSA. I have so much more confidence with the help of this site. Thank you Debbie; your help is amazing."

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