PowerPoint tips for remote learning

Slideshow Mode

This might be stating the obvious but when you use any of our PowerPoints you need to be in ‘slideshow’ for the animations to work.
To get into slideshow mode click ‘slideshow’ this is at the top left hand side of your screen and then click ‘from beginning’. To get out of slideshow mode, just click ‘escape’.

Duplicating a slide

You can duplicate any slides by right clicking on the left preview slides. A menu with come up. Just click ‘duplicate’ and you have a perfect copy.

Copying a slide from one PowerPoint to another PowerPoint

Right click on the slide (in the side panel) you want to add to another PowerPoint and choose copy. Go to your other PowerPoint and open it up. Choose where you want to copy the slide by clicking the slide on the left hand side that you want it to come after. Then right click anywhere on the screen and choose paste but you need the middle option to keep all the formatting.

Moving slides around

Simply left click on the slide on the left hand side panel and whilst keeping your finger pressed down move your mouse either up or down to move the slide where you want it to be.

Hiding slides

You might not want to show all of the slides in your PowerPoint. You can hide slides from ‘slideshow’ mode. To do this go to the slide you want to hide in the left hand preview panel. Right click the slide and choose ‘hide’ you will still be able to see it in your preview but when you go to slideshow mode it will not be there. You will notice I do this for our terms and conditions and instructions.

Turning your screen black or white

There may be a time when you want the pupils full concentration. Focus on you and not the screen. You must be in slideshow mode when you do the following. Click either ‘B’ or ‘W’ on your keyboard. This will turn your screen black or white. To return to the PowerPoint just click the ‘B’ or ‘W’ again.

Saving in different formats

You can save a PowerPoint in lots of different formats. For example you can save a full presentation in PDF format for printing. You can save individual or a whole PowerPoint in image format. Simply click ‘save as’ then click on the drop down box and find PDF. Click that and your PowerPoint will save as a PDF. Remember the hide slide we talked about? You can hide the slides you don’t want in your PDF first before saving as a PDF. To save a slide as an image, simply do the same but click ‘jpg or png’ and that is it you have your image. To save the whole PowerPoint as images, do the same and it will even create a folder for you filled with the images.


You can take screenshots in PowerPoint. You will find the screenshot facility in the ‘insert’ menu. Just click insert and look for ‘screenshot’ Press that and you can copy anything into your PowerPoint.

Hyperlink slides

A really cool thing to do is to create images of each of your slides that hyperlink to that slide. To do this create a blank slide. Simply click and hold one of the slides on the left hand side panel and drag it across to your blank slide. Let it go and you will find a perfect copy of your slide but in miniature format. This has a link embedded into it.  You can make it bigger or smaller in the usual way. Repeat this with as many slides as you need. When in slideshow mode you can click one of these images and it will take you to that slide. This is great if you have a large PowerPoint but only want to use a few slides. No more scrolling through loads of slides.

This is a work in progress and anything else I can think of that might be helpful to you I will add it here. If there is anything you do that is useful don’t hesitate to either comment below or use the contact form to tell me and I will feature it here.



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