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Jar of Courage – Children’s Mental Health week 3rd to 8th February

So the theme for this year is ‘Find your brave’ and you can download resources directly from Place2be.

I thought I would do a ‘Jar of Courage’ to support this week and of course to give you some more free resources to use with pupils.

The Jar of courage consists of some labels to label your jar and 48 inspirational messages. The idea is that the pupils can take one if they are feeling a bit scared about something or you could talk about a different one each session.

Download: Jar of courage

** Look at these lovely jars all ready to be shared around school. Thank you to Shaz for letting me share with you.

If you are concerned about using glass I found these on Amazon which are plastic. There are different sizes. I have posted 2 sizes so check carefully if you go through to Amazon.


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