I feel – differentiated worksheets

April 19, 2018
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I feel – differentiated worksheets

This resource can be used from early years to secondary school age. It would make a good first session on feelings. Children set a colour key and then colour in the different puzzle pieces to reflect how they are feeling.

Download: My feelings

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6 thoughts on “I feel – differentiated worksheets

  1. Maree Thatcher

    I have completed this sheet with a high functioning ASC child. She has loved colouring the different jigsaw pieces and talking about each feeling. Whilst thinking about the key, she got quite annoyed as it seemed too vague to her. She has asked me to email you and suggest that perhaps you add some more options into the key.

    1. Debbie Palphreyman Post author

      Thank you for your suggestion. I am sorry it seemed a bit vague but I did try to differentiate the worksheets to try to meet the needs of as many children as possible. It would be easy for you to change this sheet for the child you are working with. Just ignore the key and perhaps make up your own key on a white sticky label. You could stick over the key on my worksheets.

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