Wellbeing first game – Item 443


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Wellbeing first! – This game will help children to take care of their wellbeing.

How to play

Put the cards in a pile facing downwards. Each player picks a card. The leader of the game picks a category card. Each child must either:

Helping others – Think about and name a time when they helped someone

Connections– Who do they connect with each day – who are their friends? Do they do something with siblings/family?

Grateful for– Name something they are grateful for

Take notice– Anything at all that they notice, might be in the room right now or something they have noticed on their way to school. Could be something they see, smell, feel, hear or touch

Keep moving– A form of exercise they can do

Learn new things –  Something they have learnt, it can be absolutely anything at all.

The highest number for that category wins just their card. The rest go in the pile.

Continue with each child picking a card and the leader picking a new category.

Play for a set amount of time or until all the cards are won.

The person with the highest value wins – you might need a calculator or the children can practice their maths skills.

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