Giant Mindfulness Posters – Item 290


Giant Mindfulness Posters

These are GIANT posters but of course you can print them any size you like. You will get PDF files which are crisp and clear so can be blown up without much loss of quality. You can still print them at A4 size if you like or A3 size. The instructions in the pack will take you through printing them over 9 X A4 sheets because I know that is what everyone can print on. It is also a good size for a calming corner or for a group of children to work on around a table.

You will need ADOBE Acrobat Reader to enable you to follow my instructions. This is pretty standard on all computers/laptops.

The cost works out at less that 30p per poster so an absolute bargain. Obviously you can print these off as many times as you like, not like buying a ready made poster with one use.

I would suggest printing on very thin card to make them more robust but I have done these just on paper to show you. Also when cutting make sure you cut straight using the guidelines and glue one piece at a time so you can line them up properly. It is just like gluing a jigsaw together.


This resource pack contains the following posters:

  1. All of us fit together – Children to draw their self portrait and colour some of the patterns.
  2. Body signs with labels – Children to discuss physical signs of emotions, choose a character to colour and then write some physical sensations on one of the labels.
  3. Body signs without labels – Children to discuss physical signs of emotions and colour a character
  4. Calm down – Children to discuss different calming activities, choose a character to colour and write a calming strategy on one of the labels
  5. Emotions and Feelings – Children choose a face to add an expression to and colour in some of the background.
  6. Families – Children to discuss different families and their family before colouring in one or two characters.
  7. Feelings Unicorns – Especially for very young children. Unicorns showing different feelings. Discuss each unicorn and how they might be feeling. Read the feeling words together. Children to choose something to colour
  8. Friends – Children to discuss friendship and what that means. They can write one of their friends names on a label or they can write a characteristic of being a good friend.
  9. Kindness – Children can discuss kind behaviour and write or draw on the labels, they can colour in the little figures and give them smiling faces.
  10. Letters – Here you have at the full alphabet so a child could choose their initial letter and colour that in or you could ask them if they can think of an emotion beginning with a certain letter. Lots of opportunity for discussing many things.
  11. Mandalas – Lots of mandalas for colouring in. Known to promote peace and concentration.
  12. Names – Children can put their own name on one of the labels. They can write it in a colourful way or even do bubble writing. They can then colour some of the background.
  13. Sunshine and rainbows – this is all about happiness. Children can discuss what makes them happy and write or draw in the cloud shapes.
  14. Superheroes – this is about self esteem. Children can colour a character and then write some of the things that make them feel good in the shout outs.

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