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Coronation Strengths Crown

Coronation Strengths Crown – This is a simple craft activity for pupils to celebrate their strengths. If you want to link it to the coronation you can do so by perhaps talking about the strengths a king or queen might need.

Strengths are the very basis of self esteem. It is so empowering to a pupil to realise there are lots of things about them that are amazing.

There are two versions for king and queen, in colour and black and white (for colouring, decorating).

There are a variety of strengths already given but also blank cards for pupils to write their own.

The pieces need cutting out and fitting to the pupil’s head. There are two strips for doing this so you can get the correct fit. You can cut them to size and glue together.

Pupils go through the strengths or write their own, cut them out and stick them to their crown.

They are either a KING of Strengths or QUEEN of strengths.

Download: Strengths Crown

"I always find just what I need with Debbie’s resources, the children love them, they’re fun to use, and they definitely have a positive impact on the children I work with. Sarah- Full time ELSA (Primary School setting )"

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