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Camera Craft – Capture those moments

This is a camera and film strip. Pupils will capture moments that they want to remember by drawing them on the film strip.

Print out the film strip on white card.
Print out the choice of camera on white card.
Cut out the camera and then cut along the dotted lines either with scissors with a sharp point or an adult could use a craft knife.
The film strip will slot in as shown when the pictures have been drawn.


  • Capture as many emotions as you can.
  • Capture your family members.
  • Capture your friends.
  • Capture things that make you happy.
  • Capture things that make you feel relaxed.
  • Capture memories of Primary school for transition
  • Capture memories of your loved one for bereavement and loss

AND for Mother’s day
Capture memories of my mum

There are obviously lots more things you could do such as capturing holiday memories after a holiday. Christmas memories, Birthday memories and so on.

There are 3 colours of camera and a black and white camera for pupils to decorate themselves.

Download: Camera Craft

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