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Belonging Autograph Tab Booklet

This ‘Belonging Autograph Tab Booklet’ will help children feel a sense of belonging.

It is split between family, class, school, and community groups. There is a girl, boy and plain version. The idea is that they make their autograph booklets up and they collect autographs from each group mentioned on each tab. They can write their name first on each page because they BELONG to each group.

Very simple to make up and it is a good idea if the child makes it by cutting and stapling so as to take ownership.

You can download it from here: Belonging autograph booklet

"When I first started in my role I wondered where I was going to get all my resources from. Debbie's website has been invaluable and enabled me to provide a variety of support to children, in coloured, eye catching format. What is even better, is her resources are tailored by age, therefore suitable for all ages from starting school to secondary.Jen - SEMH Support, Primary"

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