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Back to School after Coronavirus Story

So many people have asked me to update the story for back to school after Coronavirus, so here it is.

This is NOT a social story. It is a story for all children to help them feel positive about returning to school.

It is important that you tell the children all of the details of how you are going to manage this in YOUR school.  The details of how you are going to do this will differ greatly from school to school. This story is written generally and should apply to all.

Download: Back to school March update

Download for Welsh schools (this is not in Welsh but reflects the fact that all children are going back soon) Going back to school March wales update

***IMPORTANT If you want to link to this post please ensure you do it to the actual post and not just the download. Thank you!

"What would I do without you Debbie?! You make my job so much easier."

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  • Dilek Lane says:

    I love your back to school for Wales story.
    I would like to translate it into Turkish so that my pupils can understand it.
    Could you save it as a word document please or do you know how to convert it into a word document please?

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