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Starring me Balloon – Item 510


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This ‘starring me balloon’ is a great activity for September. Great back to school activity for ELSA, or class teachers.

Included in the pack:

  • Balloon templates in pastel colours
  • Balloon templates in bright colours
  • Balloon templates in black and white

This is a craft activity as well as an activity for pupils to introduce themselves. It would also be a fab getting to know you activity for your first session with a pupil or a group activity. Pupils could take their balloon home as a reminder of how fab they are.

Instructions are included in the pack. Pupils draw their picture and write their name on each side of the basket then fill in the balloons. The balloon is made up by cutting and sticking.

Benefits of this starring me balloon

  • Pupils can explore their strengths
  • Pupils can set targets
  • Pupils can explore their favourites and things they like
  • Pupils can think about who their friends are
  • Raises self esteem

Other uses for this resource

Use as a display in your work area or classroom. The balloons could be hung up for everyone to see.


"I’m only just starting our on my Elsa role this year but over the last year I’ve been using your resources to support children in class and my school who have been going through so many emotions. It’s an invaluable site and resource to me full of excellent resources that appeal to all ages. Well thought out!"

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