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Responsibility Activity pack – Item 599


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Introducing our Responsibility Activity Pack – a comprehensive resource designed to assist children in learning about the importance of responsibility. This pack is packed with engaging activities, including a sorting task featuring various responsible and irresponsible scenarios, as well as accompanying worksheets to reinforce these concepts.

Teaching children about responsibility is a crucial part of their development, and our activity pack makes it fun and educational.

Responsibility is a fundamental concept that revolves around being accountable for one’s actions and choices. It entails recognising the impact of our decisions on ourselves and others, and willingly taking ownership of the outcomes, whether positive or negative. Being responsible means fulfilling commitments, acting ethically, and demonstrating reliability. It’s about understanding that our choices influence our lives and the world around us, and it empowers us to make thoughtful and considerate decisions that benefit not only ourselves but also our communities and society as a whole.

Included in the pack:

  • Two sorting pockets – responsible and irresponsible
  • 45 scenarios showing responsible and irresponsible behaviour
  • Description for children on what responsibility means
  • Superhero badge activity
  • Responsible character traits
  • Responsibility list
  • Responsibility comic strip
  • My responsible day
  • Break the code activity
  • My responsibility messages
  • Responsibility reflections
  • Responsibility goal setting
"Excellent resources that fit with what I need. Free ones and excellent priced ones that I can afford to buy personally as school has no budget."

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