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Impulsive or Patient resource pack – Item 552


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Impulsive or patient resource pack for helping younger pupils to control their impulsiveness. I would suggest KS1 and/or early KS2 for this resource. Being impulsive can cause lots of issues for pupils from getting into bother, annoying others and lack of friends. Often children will act on their emotions which can cause impulsiveness but also they struggle with self control. Just waiting a little while and thinking about the situation. Not blurting out the first thing that is in their mind.

This pack has two characters that are both puppets. I chose puppets because I have done similar activities but using two puppets. One being impulsive and the other patient.

We have Impulsive Ian and Patient Percy. Do use puppets too if you have some available. I have included two finger puppets to cut out and use with your own scenarios. It just makes things a bit more fun.

The pack contains:

  • A simple poem about Percy
  • A simple poem about Ian
  • A bit more detail about how Percy acts
  • A bit more detail about how Ian acts
  • Three scenarios to talk through showing both behaviours
  • Two scenarios for you to do with the child
  • The waiting game – why is Percy Patient what does he do?
  • What can they do to practise patience?
  • Impulsive me worksheet to work through the child’s impulsive incidents
  • Two finger puppets
"My go to to find any resources, easy to Download, affordable and sometimes free! A godsend when you don’t have a budget! if there isn’t anything suitable Debbie then magically creates it!! Amazing"

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