Happiness Lapbook - Item 228 - Elsa Support happiness

Happiness Lapbook – Item 228

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This ‘Happiness Lapbook’ is a great way of helping children to understand the 5 basic things they need to do each day to help them achieve good mental health.

Those five things are: 

*Connect *Give *Take Notice *Be Active *Learn

Such a simple concept and you can read more about it on the MIND website

Lapbooks are a great way of combining crafting, colouring and chatting about things that will support them. Get your children into this basic 5 a day habit to help them feel better about themselves. All you need is an A3 piece of card to create this resource. All the other templates are included for cutting, sticking, colouring if required. Most of the templates are in black and white and in colour so you can choose.

Included in the Happiness Lapbook pack:

  • Name and picture template, in colour and black and white
  • Title template, in colour or black and white
  • Exercise pocket and slips
  • Helping others pocket and slips
  • Friends gallery pocket and slips
  • Take notice pocket and slips
  • Family house
  • Learn something new pocket and slips
  • Happy game and question card
"The Favourites game is a favourite of mine and the children at school. It’s a great ice breaker in the getting to know you session. They children love it as they get to find out about me too. It’s such a simple resource, but one I use at least once a week Lesley ELSA & Learning Mentor North London."

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