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Growth Mindset Affirmations – Item 516


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This is a growth mindset affirmations pack with lots of lovely activities to help promote a growth mindset.

There are 42 sheets in total in the pack.

Activities include:

  • Word search – pupils find the affirmation within the word grid. They can cut off the bottom piece to keep and take home with them. Pupils to draw circles around the words when found and then tick the word off on the list below.
  • Reinforce the affirmation by pupils cutting up the words and rearranging them in the correct order. They can then stick them in place.
  • Further reinforcement by mindful colouring of the affirmation. This could be a homework activity if the pupil loves colouring.
  • Recall and write the affirmation
  • Play the game to personalise the affirmation
  • Worksheet to further personalise the affirmation

Affirmations activities covered:

  • I can develop my skills if I make the effort
  • I can listen carefully to feedback I am given and learn from it
  • I can work hard and appreciate the success it brings
  • I can continue to try even though I might make mistakes
  • I can focus on my goals and be persistent
  • I can find my way past obstacles that get in the way
  • I can be an amazing problem solver

You can read more about Affirmations here

"All resources are so child friendly, they love them and using them really takes the stress out of producing a well-timed ELSA session. Matching the resources to SMART targets is also quick and easy. Best of all I can afford to pay for them and use them again and again!"

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