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ELSA Secondary Anger Pack – Item 531


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This is an ELSA Secondary Anger pack of worksheets to help you support pupils who have anger issues. These are all in black and white for easy and cost effective printing. This is suitable for upper KS2, secondary pupils and adults.

Included in the elsa secondary anger pack

  • Anger firework activity (11 sheets) This will help explain what happens when an anger episode is triggered
  • The fight or flight response information
  • Body response to anger information
  • Useful coping strategies information
  • Thoughts information
  • Self talk information
  • Anger iceberg information and worksheet
  • Anger triggers weekly diary
  • Anger triggers daily diary
  • Weekly thought diary for reframing thoughts
  • Daily thought diary for reframing thoughts
  • CBT cycle info
  • CBT cycle worksheet
  • Challenging negative thinking worksheet
  • Reflection time
  • Anger synonyms

You could put these into a pack for your pupils and make workbooks according to their needs.

26 sheets in the pack

"There is a good variety to cover different aspects of well being. The children enjoy using them, there are different types of resources for different ages They aren’t just worksheets. They are inexpensive to buy. Often free."

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