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Consequences of words or actions (secondary) – item 559


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This is a ‘Consequences of words or actions (secondary)’ resource and is for helping pupils to understand that their words or actions can cause hurt and upset to other pupils.

Included in the consequences of words or actions pack are:

  • 1 base board
  • An editable file for you to create more scenarios. (The speech bubble is editable in PowerPoint)
  • 48 scenario cards
  • 1 form for working through incidents in more detail

The cards work through:

  • The comment or action
  • The thoughts of the person who was harmed
  • The feelings of the person who was harmed
  • The feelings of the person who made the comment or action
  • What could have been done or said differently or how can the harm be repaired?
  • How would the person harmed feel now.

We do have a primary version here 

You can download a free poster here

"ELSA/Learning mentorDebbie's Empathy game is my all time favourite resource. The children learn so much from this game and it has us in stitches every time we play. Debbie you are star, and without planning time would not be able to facilitate as many sessions as I do without your resources. Your resources are a great price especially when I have to purchase them out of my own pocket. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise to enable us to be successful in helping our troubled and complicated children."

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