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Purchase Orders

School Purchase Orders on Credit Terms

If you are a school and want to place an order through your school’s purchasing system, we require you to download and complete our purchase order form, which can be found here: Elsa-Support-Ltd-Order-Form

As an online business, it is particularly important you provide us an email address to send you your invoice – generally the finance department, and an email address to send you the link to download your resources – generally the staff member who will be using the resources. Rarely are these the same email address.

We do not accept school purchase orders without an official school purchase order number.

A minimum order value of £20 is required for all school purchase orders. All our prices include VAT at the current rate.

Please email your completed order form to: info@elsa-support.co.uk.

Our payment terms are strictly net 30 days, and payment can be made by BACS or Cheque. Payment details are stated in full on the invoice you will receive.

Please do NOT send us an order from a ‘No reply‘ email address. If we have questions we need to be able to contact to you.

Within 48 hours of us receiving your official order, you will receive an email from us with links to download your resources and an email with the invoice for those resources. Please ensure you check your spam folder for the email if you think it has not arrived.

Please note that elsa-support is an online business, and these resources are downloads. They are not printed resources unless specifically stated in the description of the item. Once you have received the links to download your resources, the order is complete.

Printed Products

We do have a range of printed products, these are only found in the Debbie’s Hive section of the website.  These are physical products that we produce and send direct to you in the mail. You may use this form for these products, and you may order mixed downloadable and printed products on the same order. You will receive our printed products generally within 3 – 5 working days of confirmation of dispatch. Postage is charged extra at cost. Please contact us if you require confirmation of postage cost prior to order processing. Mixed orders of downloads and printed products are dealt with as above if ordered separately.

Condition of Order

These purchase order terms and conditions supersede all others unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to order. Your order is only accepted and processed specifically on this basis.


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