Growth Mindset EMOJI posters and worksheets – Item 181


Growth Mindset posters

Continuing with the EMOJI theme which I think will appeal to all children. These growth mindset posters are a great way of creating a display. Pop up the ‘STATEMENT OF THE DAY’ and choose a poster to go underneath it. Use that as a means of developing a growth mindset. Lots of discussion potential and a great reminder. There is are also a set of 20 worksheets for children to work on. One for each statement with some questions to consider.

This comes as a set of 20 posters in a PDF.

This also comes as a powerpoint show. Click the small emotion face and it takes you to that particular poster. Click the home button to go back to the first page. Great for IWBs or to use on a laptop.

There is also a set of 20 worksheets to go with these posters.


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