Emotions early years – Item 169


Emotions early years

Emotions early years – Teaching children about emotions is the most fundamental thing you can do to ensure children become emotionally literate and will help them with that all important emotional regulation. This ‘EMOTIONS’ resource will help to do just that. The main part of the resource is a powerpoint show where you can introduce each emotion. This gives lots of opportunity to work on one emotion at a time and promotes lots of discussion.

This resource is aimed at early years but there are children that you may feel would benefit from this in KS1.

Children are learning to:

  • Recognise the emotion
  • Understand what it means
  • Label the emotion
  • Express the emotion

This resource consists of:

  • A powerpoint show with 20 emotions and an emotional register
  • A PDF of the show
  • 20 ‘girl’ emotion sheets in black and white for colouring
  • 20 ‘boy’ emotion sheets in black and white for colouring
  • 20 ‘girl’ emotion fans
  • 20 ‘boy’ emotion fans

There are also emotion booklets suitable for Early years/KS1

This one is free – EMOTION BOOKLET 1

and these are pay for –  EMOTION BOOKLETS 2, 3, 4, 5

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