Car Emotions Pack – Item 172


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This car emotions pack  will appeal to younger children. It covers the basic six emotions of:

*happy *sad *angry *scared *surprised *disgust

There are a huge bundle of resources in this pack. There are:

  • 6 Full page emotion posters
  • Emotion cards with and without the words
  • Dominoes with and without the words
  • Emotion spinners with the emotion cars with and without words
  • Emotion spinners with questions on each emotion
  • Emotion fans with and without words
  • An emotion game with and without words
  • Park your emotion with and without words
  • Scale your emotion with and without words

Here is a free set of fans just for you!

Download: CAR FANS free

Here is a free emotional register to use on a computer or interactive whiteboard.

Download: Car emotional register

This was a request from someone who wanted the child to talk about their feelings and then park their worries with someone else for a while. The child will use a toy car to drive to the cafe for a chat and then drive to the garage to leave their worries behind.

I added the different emotion cars just as a prompt when talking about feelings.

DOWNLOAD: leave your worries

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