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Building Bricks Describing cards

This resource would be very useful if you are setting up a building brick therapy group. To read more about running a therapy group then it is advisable to buy the book Lego® -based therapy.  Children need to be able to speak clearly, give instructions, listen carefully and work together. This resource will be a useful for scaffolding before beginning the group.

An email sent from Louise who has tried out this resource with her group –

I have just done the describing resources that you sent me.

They were really good.  The children did the simple cards first and once we had had a conversation of how we describe the bricks, i.e. do we say blobs or circles they got the hang of it, I did have to remind them to look at how many blobs there were on the top brick so they built what was on the card and not versions that were bigger or smaller.

When we moved on to the cards where they had to create stairs or mix bricks up in the build we ended up with some very interesting conversations.

They had to think about what they were saying when they were describing where to put the bricks such as saying directly on top off, or the red brick covers six of the blobs on the blue brick underneath.

The children said that they all enjoyed doing the cards once we had decided how we were going to describe the bricks.

Thank you for letting me try out this resource with my little group I can Definitely see me using these with my year 1 nurture group that I run as a treat for them, or even when it comes to them practising listening skills!!

This download consists of 30 task cards which can be printed and laminated. Children can work in pairs, one to describe and the other to build, taking the roles of engineer and builder.

The cards could also be used for children on their own to read the card and copy the patterns with building bricks.

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