Building brick describing game – Item 90


Building Brick Describing game -This resource would be very useful if you are setting up a building brick therapy group. To read more about running a therapy group then it is advisable to buy the book Lego® -based therapy.

The Building Brick Describing game is a simple game where you choose building bricks of different colours, shapes and number of blobs. Put one in each square on the game board and the child picks a number card. They must describe the piece to you accurately. If they are correct then they get the piece. Children could play in pairs and the one who wins the most pieces is the game winner.


Extend the game to putting small structures in each square. The child must describe how to make the structure. For example you might build a tower of 3 bricks, all different colours or some stairs with 2 or 3 bricks.

Of course this game could be used to describe anything, for example put counters in each square so a child has to say there are 3 yellow counters or there are 4 blue counters, or there are 2 red counters and 2 green counters, helping children with counting, colours and turn taking. Put magnetic letters in each square so they have to read the letter, use cvc words in each square so they have to read the word. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

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