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I love this quote about trees letting things go by shedding their leaves. It inspired me to make this Autumn tree, letting things go display pack.

Included in the pack are;

  • Giant tree with sky background
  • 36 leaves with vocabulary
  • Banner
  • Black and white leaves for writing
  • Leaves in a variety of shapes and colours for display

We have provided the tree in a PDF format. If you open it with Adobe, you are able to choose any size you like to make all the pieces. We have included one that is ready to print onto A4 paper.

The idea of this is that pupils will understand how important it is to let things go and not hold onto negativity or past mistakes. Letting go can bring freedom and happiness. Included in the Autumn tree, letting things go pack are leaves which they can add their own things they want to let go of.


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