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Would you rather? Christmas

I know many of you use my ‘Would you rather?’ cards for warming up or ice breakers so I have made a Christmas version for you. There are a 120 questions to answer. Can be great as a stimulus for writing too.

Download: would-you-rather-christmas

"The Favourites game is a favourite of mine and the children at school. It’s a great ice breaker in the getting to know you session. They children love it as they get to find out about me too. It’s such a simple resource, but one I use at least once a week Lesley ELSA & Learning Mentor North London."

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  • Mikki Cole says:

    These are brilliant. i love to use the original ‘Would You Rather’ cards. as an ice breaker, always manage to get a smile form the child i’m working with. These look fab.

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