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Would you rather cards

Would you rather game. This is a fun game which is a brilliant ice breaker for working with a group of children, a class or an individual child. It gives lots of opportunity for discussion. I have made a set of 40 cards just for you! Some of the questions are very sensible, some are plain ridiculous and some are quite deep and will encourage thinking skills.


Benefits of playing ‘Would you rather cards?’

  1. Icebreaker and Rapport Building: “Would You Rather” questions can serve as a gentle introduction to Elsa sessions, helping to establish rapport between Elsa and the pupil. Starting with light-hearted questions can ease tension and create a comfortable atmosphere for discussing more challenging topics.
  2. Exploration of Feelings and Preferences: The choices made in “Would You Rather” scenarios can provide insights into the pupil’s emotions, values, and preferences. This can serve as a starting point for exploring deeper issues and understanding the pupil’s perspective.
  3. Promotion of Decision-Making Skills: Making choices in “Would You Rather” scenarios requires decision-making, which can be empowering for the pupil. By discussing the reasons behind their choices, Elsa can help the pupil develop and strengthen their decision-making skills.
  4. Encouragement of Creative Thinking: Crafting or responding to “Would You Rather” questions encourages creative thinking and imagination. This can be particularly beneficial in Elsa, where creative solutions are often sought for problem-solving and coping with challenges.
  5. Facilitation of Communication: Engaging in “Would You Rather” games can facilitate communication between Elsa and the pupil. It provides a structured format for conversation, making it easier for the pupil to express themselves and for Elsa to understand their thoughts and feelings.
  6. Exploration of Values and Goals: Some “Would You Rather” questions touch upon moral dilemmas or personal values. Discussing these scenarios can help the pupil clarify their own values and goals, which is essential for personal growth and decision-making.
  7. Promotion of Emotional Regulation: Exploring hypothetical scenarios in “Would You Rather” games can help the pupil practice emotional regulation skills. By considering different options and their potential outcomes, the pupil learns to manage their emotions and make constructive choices.
  8. Building Trust and Safety: Engaging in “Would You Rather” games within the Elsa relationship can help build trust and a sense of safety for the pupil. It demonstrates Elsa’s willingness to engage in playful and non-judgmental interactions, fostering a supportive environment for Elsa.

Download: Would you rather cards

"Always grateful for new ideas/resources from this website. Debbie always has something we can use for any situation.Karen - primary school full time ELSA"

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