Whylee’s Coronavirus Tale by Megan Dunn

Whylee’s Coronavirus Tale

Megan Dunn sent me this book to review for you all. It is a book about Coronavirus and explains things really well. Whylee is the main character in the book and is a curious creature and the children join him on his journey through the Coronavirus pandemic.

It takes you through what Coronavirus is and why we wear masks and wash our hands a lot. Whylee hides on each page so children can try and find him. The book talks about:

    • Why we have to stay inside
    • Why schools were shut?
    • Why we couldn’t play with friends?
    • Why we feel sad?
    • Why we feel mad?
    • Why we had to do school work at home?
    • Why some kids could go to school?

It also mentions the lessons we can learn such as ‘Be kind to one another, look out for each other and show love wherever you can’.

Children will learn about the effects of Coronavirus and the lessons that can be taken from this incredibly hard time.  Children will learn to understand that it is ok to feel your feelings.

There are some questions included to ask the children. I think this would be a nice one to purchase for reminding ourselves of this Pandemic. Be good to show your children or grandchildren one day to show how we lived through a very difficult time but we came out of it. We were resilient and we bounced back from this!

You can purchase this book from Amazon. Click the image to take you there…


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