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Why does my child need ELSA Support?

Why does my child need ELSA Support?

This blog post is for the benefit of parents. Why does my child need ELSA Support? Why has my child been referred for ELSA Support?– this is a query we often receive from parents who message us through the website or social media. There are some reasons below why your child might be being offered support. It is always best to speak to your school to find out exactly why your child has been referred and how you can support at home.

ELSA is about supporting children, not fixing them. It aims to provide a nurturing environment where children can develop the emotional literacy skills they need to navigate life’s challenges. By addressing emotional, social, and behavioural difficulties early on, ELSA helps children understand and manage their emotions, build resilience, and improve their interpersonal skills. This proactive approach ensures that children are equipped with the tools they need to cope with stress and adversity, reducing the likelihood of mental health problems in later life. By fostering a supportive and understanding atmosphere, ELSA empowers children to thrive both emotionally and socially, laying a strong foundation for their future well-being.

Group or One to One

ELSA Support can be a one to one intervention but it may also be a small group intervention. An ELSA may work with small groups of children who have similar issues. This group dynamic allows children to learn from each other, practise social interactions, and realise that they are not alone in their experiences. It is also excellent for building a sense of belonging. One to one work is also hugely beneficial because the ELSA can build a strong relationship with the child so the child feels supported and safe.

A child might need ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) support for several reasons, particularly if they are experiencing emotional, social, or behavioural difficulties that impact their well-being and ability to thrive in a school setting. Here are some reasons why a child might benefit from ELSA support:

Reasons for ELSA Support

Emotional Regulation

  • Managing Emotions – Some children struggle to understand and manage their emotions effectively, leading to frequent outbursts, anxiety, or withdrawal. ELSA support can teach them strategies for recognising, expressing, and regulating their emotions.

Social Skills

  • Relationships – Children who find it difficult to interact with peers, make friends, or navigate social situations can benefit from ELSA support to improve their  social skills and improve their relationships.

Self-Esteem and Confidence

  • Building Self-Worth – Low self-esteem and lack of confidence can affect a child’s academic performance and social interactions. ELSA sessions can help boost their self-worth and confidence through positive reinforcement and goal setting.

 Coping with Change

  • Transitions: Major changes such as moving to a new school, family breakdown, or the loss of a loved one can be challenging for children. ELSA support provides a safe space to discuss and cope with these changes.

Behavioural Issues

  • Understanding Behaviour – Children with behavioural issues often act out due to underlying emotional difficulties. ELSAs help children understand the root causes of their behaviour and develop healthier ways to express their needs.

Anxiety and Stress

  • Managing Anxiety – Anxiety and stress can significantly impact a child’s ability to focus, learn, and enjoy school. ELSA support teaches coping mechanisms to manage anxiety and stress effectively.

Academic Pressure

  • Dealing with Pressure – Some children feel overwhelmed by academic expectations and pressure. ELSAs can help them develop strategies to manage their workload and build resilience.

Improving Communication Skills

  • Expressing Needs – Children who have difficulty articulating their thoughts and feelings can learn better communication skills with ELSA support, which helps them express their needs more effectively.

Enhancing Problem-Solving Skills

  • Critical Thinking – Developing problem-solving skills is essential for navigating challenges. ELSA support can teach children how to approach and resolve conflicts constructively.


  • Safe Environment – Provides a safe and supportive environment where children can express their feelings without judgment.
  • Personalised Support – Offers tailored support that addresses the specific needs of each child.
  • Skill Development – Helps children develop essential emotional and social skills that are crucial for their overall development.
  • Improved Well-Being – Enhances the overall emotional well-being of children, contributing to their happiness and success in school.
  • Empowerment –  Empowers children by giving them the tools and strategies they need to handle life’s challenges effectively.
  • Increased Resilience – Helps children build resilience by understanding and managing their emotions, which is crucial for coping with stress and adversity.

ELSA support plays a crucial role in helping children overcome emotional and social difficulties, ensuring they have a positive and productive school experience. This is a good thing and should you have any further questions please speak to your school or your school ELSA. ELSAs love to work with parents.

We do have a free downloadable ELSA Leaflet for parents


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