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What is Emotional Literacy? A3 Poster

This ‘What is Emotional Literacy?’ A3 Poster is a result of a question asked in the Elsa-Support and Wellbeing Facebook group.

This can be displayed in your area so pupils understand what Emotional Literacy involves. There is a plainer version without the faces included for our lovely secondary ELSAs. 

Print on A3 using your Adobe print settings. You could stretch it out with poster settings if you want to make it even bigger.

Pupils need to…

Recognising facial expressions in yourself and others
– Is that a sad face? Angry face? Happy face?

Understanding feelings
– what do they mean? Why do I feel THAT way when THAT happens?

Knowing how your feelings affect your body
– How does anger affect my body? How does anxiety affect my body?

Expressing and communicating your feelings in different ways
– It could be through speech, drawing, writing, facial expressions, and non verbal communication

Being able to label a feeling
– What is that feeling called? Are there any other words that mean the same or similar?

Being able to regulate your feelings
– Manage your feelings. What do I do when I feel that way?

Expressing empathy for others
–You may have been in the same situation – eg your dog has died, just like that person’s dog and you felt sad too

Download: Emotional literacy poster A3

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