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What is ELSA? Leaflet for parents

This is an updated version of our What is an ELSA? Leaflet for parents.

This leaflet gives a general idea of what an ELSA works on with children. It shows how a lesson may be run which includes and emotional check in, main activity, relaxation and a review. It looks at the aims of the ELSA programme such as building your child’s emotional development and to help them cope with life’s challenges. Also helping children to find solutions to any problems they may have. It covers the areas an ELSA may help with such as loss and bereavement, emotional literacy, self esteem, social skills, friendship issues, relationships, managing strong feelings, anxiety, bullying, conflict, emotional regulation, growth mindset and social stories.

It is helpful to give one of these leaflets out to parents when you first start working with them.

Included is a PDF where you can handwrite your name and contact details.

Download: ELSA Leaflet PDF

If you want to change the text or headings and lose the clipart then please purchase this version. Click the picture to take you there.


"These resources are simply fantastic! They are reasonably priced (or free), and as a new ELSA, helped me to get set up and generate ideas for how to manage my planning, assessment, communication and sessions. Thank you, Debbie."

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  • melanie.cooper@kingsashacademy.com says:

    I’m wondering is there any other way to purchase resources, than PayPal, as I’m unable to use this method of pay.

    • PayPal process all of our payments, even credit cards. Just choose the option to pay by card. You don’t need a PayPal account to do this. If you need further advice it is best to send us a message through the contact form. Best wishes Debbie

  • Gaby Hird says:

    Hi im just wondering if it is ok to use this leaflet with some adaptions for the parents in a school that i work as inwasnt sure about copywright.
    Many thanks

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