What does an ELSA do? Presentation for children (or adults)

January 23, 2016
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Two people contacted me this week asking if I had anything to help explain the role of an ELSA to children. After having a bit of a search on the internet I found that School counselors in America use a ‘First Aid Kit’ to introduce their role.

assembly for children image

This kit consists of the following:

  • Tissues
  • Toothpicks
  • Chocolate bar
  • Star
  • Penny
  • Plaster
  • Swimming ring
  • Eraser
  • Cotton Wool Ball
  • Watch

Each item represent a reminder of an aspect of the job. I have put together an ELSA Presentation that you could perhaps show to children in assembly. I would photograph your kit though and insert your images into the presentation. It will make more sense to them.

Download: Assembly for children what is an elsa? Presentation

Download: Presentation in PDF format  for those people who want to create a flip book to keep in their ELSA Room.

Thank you so much to Jill who has shared a photo of her kit! I love it!

first aid kit


20 thoughts on “What does an ELSA do? Presentation for children (or adults)

  1. Julie Lee

    This is a great resource – easy to understand and child friendly – going to make the slides into a booklet to keep in our ELSA room to use with our pupils.

  2. Jill Blake

    I have actually made a first aid kit up with all the items to make it visual for some of my more needy children. It has been so very well received and thank you for such a great idea which has made a fabulous resource.

  3. Catherine

    I made up a kit too & have used it several times. It is brilliant. You see a child come in quite stiff & wary; half way through you see that their shoulders have gone down & they are already thinking ahead that this is going to be good. I tell them they can keep one thing at the end of the session (apart from the watch!). Mostly they take the chocolate, but the last boy took the plaster “because I like the message”. Aaah!

  4. sue walters

    This is a brilliant resource but is there anything to use for secondary student’s/staff?

    Thanks a lot

    Sue 🙂

  5. Catherine Gilonis

    I use this a lot. Children sometimes ask for it at the end too – to see what has been useful, what they would choose at that point. Definitely a great resource & well worth making up a kit.

  6. Jill Blake

    Hi Debbie following on from the first aid kit which I sent you a photo of, I was delighted today to receive my own first aid kit presented to me from a year 6 leaver. I have spent a lot of ELSA time with her and seen her grow in confidence so much. This kit was to treat me! Pamper products, chocolate, hot chocolate, face mask etc. Was really moved that she had put so much thought into it and the original first aid kit had made such an impact on her.

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