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Wellbeing week affirmations

In this post you will find these lovely ‘wellbeing week affirmations’. Back in lockdown I created 21 PowerPoints for ELSAs/Teachers/Parents to deliver daily to pupils. This was based on a resource I had done previously ‘My wellbeing week’

It was hugely popular and those PowerPoints are still there for those who haven’t seen them. You can find them in the ELSA BLOG

Back to this wellbeing week affirmations resource. There are 7 affirmation cards all on one sheet of A4 ready to print, laminate and cut out. These would go nicely on a key fob to give pupils a positive affirmation for each day.

Download: Weekly affirmations

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"Debbie is so inspirational. I know that if I need something to support my ELSA sessions, there will be a resource already there, or Debbie is always willing to have a go at making a new one. My go to resource library. So easy to download and keep on your own computer forever. Thanks Debbie for your hard work, you are an angel."

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