Welcome to our Bubble Sign - Elsa Support for emotional literacy

Welcome to our Bubble Sign

Helping children to feel they belong is essential at this time. It is also incredibly important to help them feel safe and secure. These signs will help to do just that. I have also included ‘hub’, ‘pod’ and ‘team’. If you are calling your bubble anything different let me know by email or through our contact form. Happy to update for you.

Included is an A3 poster. You can print it smaller or larger using Adobe Print settings. I have also included some circles for cutting out and for children either to draw their faces or write their names. This size circle could also be used to cut out photographs of the children’s faces. I have made sure there are 15 large bubbles on the poster so you can stick these circles just inside each one.

Some people have mentioned they are giving their bubbles names so I have included a box at the bottom. If you are not naming your bubble then I suggest writing your school name in there.

Download: Welcome signs

"My 'go to' place when I’m looking for new resources. Well designed, easy to use and so reasonably priced. I’ve built up quite a collection now and use them constantly. Children love them too. Thank you!"

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