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Unwind the Mind Transition Moving on

This is an ‘unwind the mind transition mat. Perfect for the end of term when pupils needs some calm time. Pupils will enjoy the mindfulness of colouring and answering simple prompts.

There is a class version and a school version included in the pack. Print in A4 for older pupils and by using your print settings you can print on A3 for younger pupils.

Benefits of the unwind the mind transition mat

These offer  calming activities that can help children relax and unwind after a busy day or during stressful times. Engaging in these activities encourages deep breathing and fosters a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Working on one of these mats offers effective stress-relief techniques for children. By focusing their attention on the task at hand, children can temporarily shift their focus away from worries and anxieties, promoting a sense of calmness and emotional well-being.

Mindful colouring allows children to express themselves creatively and explore their imagination through colours and designs. It provides a non-verbal outlet for self-expression, allowing children to convey their emotions and feelings in a safe and therapeutic manner.

Successfully completing creating beautiful artwork through mindful colouring can boost children’s self-esteem and confidence. Accomplishing challenging tasks and seeing tangible results can instil a sense of pride and accomplishment in children, reinforcing their belief in their abilities.

Download: Relax and unwind mat moving on

"This site is absolutely amazing! So many wonderful resources and if you want something tailored to your needs Debbie is happy to oblige. Thank you for all your hard work Debbie."

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