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Transition school or class

Transition school or class

Helping Children Transition to a New School or Class

Transitioning to a new school or class is a significant milestone in a child’s life. Whether it’s moving from one class to another class, or moving from Primary school into Secondary school. This time can be filled with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Understanding and addressing the range of emotions children may experience is crucial in helping them navigate this change smoothly.

Common Feelings During Transition

Children may experience a wide array of emotions when faced with a new school or class. These can include:

  • Excitement: Anticipating new experiences and opportunities.
  • Nervousness: Feeling unsure about the new environment and expectations.
  • Curiosity: Eager to learn about the new school, teachers, and friends.
  • Overwhelm: Adapting to many changes at once can be daunting.
  • Anxiety: Worrying about fitting in, making friends, or academic performance.
  • Confidence: Feeling ready and capable of handling the new challenges.
  • Sadness: Missing old friends and familiar surroundings.
  • Insecurity: Doubting their abilities to succeed in the new environment.

Transitioning to a new school or class is a significant event in a child’s life, filled with both challenges and opportunities. By providing support, understanding, and practical strategies, parents and teachers can help children navigate this change with confidence and resilience. Remember, every child is unique, and their response to transition will vary. Patience, empathy, and proactive communication are key to ensuring a positive experience for all.

Together, we can make the journey to a new school or class an exciting adventure. We have selected some resources that might be helpful.

Ready, Set, Secondary Transition workbook

This ‘Ready, set secondary’ transition workbook will help pupils to understand their readiness for Secondary school. Lots of transition resources can be based on anxiety and worries whereas this is about empowering the young person. They are awesome, and ready for their next chapter.

It is split into sections

  • Amazing me!
  • Discovering my strengths
  • Goals
  • Moving forward
  • Being prepared emotionally

There are 31 pages in the workbook. You can find this resource here.

ready set secondary transition

Exciting Times Ahead

This Exciting times ahead transition resource is designed to help students in Year 2 and above navigate their worries and embrace the excitement that comes with changes in new schools or classes. With 23 engaging sheets to choose from, you can tailor the experience to suit each individual student you’re working with.

Included in this pack of exciting times ahead transition resource are a variety of activities to explore and manage the emotions associated with change. You can find this resource here Exciting Times Ahead

exciting times ahead transtion

Exciting Times Ahead Pupil Leaflet

This leaflet looks at transition of moving to Secondary school.

Included in the ‘Exciting Times Ahead Pupil Leaflet’

  • Feelings – Looks at the mix of feelings associated with transition and changes.
  • What ifs – All those ‘what if’ questions they might have and how they can be worrying.
  • Who can help with ‘What ifs’ – Advice asking for help and a list of people who might be able to help.
  • Exciting questions – All those exciting questions they can ask themselves.
  • Being prepared – Getting answers from questions, having a practice trip to school and imagining their first day.

You can find this resource here Exciting times ahead pupil leaflet

exciting times ahead pupil leaflet

Moving to Juniors KS1 Leaflet

This leaflet looks at moving to Junior School

This leaflet is aimed at  Year two.  The text is as simple as possible so the pupil can have a good go at reading it. It looks at mixed feelings, worry wobbles, coping with worry wobbles, exciting times ahead and being prepared.

The leaflet is a trifold leaflet with instructions on how to print it. There are 6 sides including the title.

Included in the Moving to Juniors KS1 Pupil Leaflet

  • Leaflet in colour with lots of images
  • Leaflet in black and white that could be used for colouring
  • Leaflet holder for displaying your leaflets on a wall or door

You can find this resource here Moving to Juniors KS1 Leaflet

Moving to Juniors KS1 pupil Leaflet

Changes Workbook

This is our changes workbook which will help pupils to navigate changes in their lives.

Pupils often struggle with change due to various factors, including fear of the unknown, lack of control, and attachment to familiarity.

These challenges can lead to feelings of uncertainty and anxiety as they navigate transitions.

Providing support, understanding, and guidance is crucial in helping children build resilience and adaptability to change. By acknowledging their emotions, fostering open communication, and offering reassurance, ELSAs can empower children to navigate change with confidence and develop the skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing world. Our workbook will help ELSAs support pupils through change.

The workbook has 30 pages and also includes an information sheet for ELSAs.

The workbook covers expected changes and unexpected changes. It look at what a change is and how to prepare for it. It also looks at coping strategies for when unexpected changes happen. You can find the resource here Changes workbook

Changes workbook

Transition Changes Resource pack

This transition changes resource pack will help pupils to understand the changes that will occur during transition. Changes during transition to a new class, school or college can be daunting and cause all sorts of different emotions both comfortable and uncomfortable.

There are 45 cards included in this pack which may or may not be different in the new class, school or college. This all depends on whether the pupil is moving class or moving school or college.

There is also a blank template if you want to add some more words. Just click the blue boxes and type. Don’t worry the blue boxes won’t show when printed.

The aim of the activity is to discuss each card and decide whether this would be the same or different in their new setting. There are sheets to explore feelings around those changes. You can find the resource here Transition changes resource pack

transition changes resource pack

End of term transition activities

This is an end of term transition activities pack and is perfect for those last couple of weeks before the holidays. Every resource involves some cutting, sticking, writing or drawing. All the resources are aimed at transition and moving on.

Included in the end of term transition activities pack:

Heart full of memories – this is for pupils to think about the past year and keep some special memories. The flower folds up into a heart. You could also use this for bereavement work. This is available in two colours and black and white.

Bag full of worries – This is a school bag with a pocket that they can glue to the bag. They can pop any worries into the bag. This could also be used for general worries at any time and not linked to transition. This is available in two patterns and black and white.

Rainbow of wishes – This is for them to create a rainbow of wishes they have for the new school year. This could be used for wishes at any time of the year. This is  available in black and white.

Friends wreath – This is for them to look at qualities of being a good friend. What qualities do they want their new friends to have in their new school or class? This could be used for friendship work. This is available in black and white.

New School feelings – This is a school template that they can fold over into a pocket. They can write their feelings down about their new school and pop them in the pocket. This is available in black and white.

New class feelings – This is a classroom background where they can cut out and stick the feelings words on the whiteboard. This is only available in colour.

You can find this resource here End of term transition activities 

end of term transition

Transition memory books

These booklets have approximately 40 pages each and are differentiated where possible.

There is:

  • Reception – colour and black and white
  • Year One – colour and black and white
  • Year Two – colour and black and white
  • Year Three – colour and black and white
  • Year Four – colour and black and white
  • Year Five – colour and black and white

You can find the resource here Transition memory books

Primary School memory book

This is a Primary School Memory Book for Year 6 children to work on independently.

There are 69 pages in the book which is in colour and in black and white.

So many areas covered. You might want to choose the pages to print off or you might want to print them all out.

You can find the resource here Primary school memory book

Primary School Memory book

Moving on Transition lapbook

Moving on transition lapbook – This resource is to support pupils through the changes when moving class or school.

There are two versions, one in black and white so the child can colour the lettering etc and one in colour where they can just cut and stick. The changes game is only available in colour. You can find the resource here Moving on Transition lapbook

transition lapbook

Moving on Display pack

This pack covers 50 questions that pupils may have about secondary and I have also included an editable template so you can add anymore you may think about.

Included in the pack:

  • 4 different banners
  • 50 question cards on A4 – please print smaller if needed
  • 38 feeling words
  • Editable feeling words (PowerPoint needed)
  • Editable question cards (PowerPoint needed)
  • 7 x A3 emotion faces – these are large for you to cut out and dot around the display

You can find the resource here Moving on display pack

Moving on display pack

Memorable Moments Jar

This resource can be used for CLASS transition. It is suitable for ALL children from Reception to Year 11.

This resource can be edited in Adobe PDF reader which is standard on the vast majority of computers. It may work well on other PDF readers but this hasn’t been tested. I do recommend Adobe Reader.

The jar – You can add a year group to this sheet. Look for the blue box and type into that. ‘My most memorable moment in YEAR FIVE’ for example. The blue box does not show if printed. It is purely there so you can see where to type.

List of memorable moments – This can be filled in on a computer either by a child who prefers to type or you could fill it in yourself to show on a whiteboard to the whole class. Type in the blue boxes.

If you just want to print a blank sheet you can do. The blue boxes will not show when printed.

EYFS list – this isn’t editable but has nice lines for young children to write their list

Drawing list – this isn’t editable but has boxes for drawing memorable moments.

You can find the resource here Memorable moments jar

memorable moments

Hive full of memories display pack

This hive of memories display pack is perfect for transition and children moving on to the next stage in their school lives. It could also be used for loss and bereavement.

The pack contains:

  • 3d hexagonal box (print A3)
  • hexagonal shape (print A3)
  • 4 banners (instructions included)
  • 20 vocabulary words (print A4)
  • a hive (print A3)
  • flowers (print A4)
  • Editable versions (in PowerPoint) of the boxes, vocabulary and banners. This is useful for Welsh ELSAs who want to translate the resource to Welsh. Also useful if you want to have a different title. You may want to put your school name in.

You can find the resource here Hive full of memories

Hive of memories display

Moving on intervention

The Moving On transition intervention is written for a group of four children and is led by an ELSA or teaching assistant. It covers emotions, relaxation and lessons around transition either into the next class or new school. The intervention runs for approximately 40 minutes. Aimed at junior aged children, but would work for year 2 to year 3 too. You can find the resource here Moving on intervention


We have lots of leaflets that can be helpful with transition, and you can find all our Pupil leaflets here

We also have lots of free resources. Please click the pictures to take you to the resource.

Transition mixed feelings  Transition questions wheel worry cards  moving on poem transitioncamera craft  worry monster pack memorable moment jar  worry monster note unwind the mind be caring  Worry Jar Building confidence pupil leaflet

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