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Transition to another school or class Lapbook

Transition to another school or class Lapbook – After the creation of the ‘Feelings Lapbook’ and the ‘Self esteem’ lapbook I thought I would try and create one for transition and this is the result.

My idea for this is that this can be built with a child, combining lessons and creativity and craft. Each component can be a lesson or part of a lesson. It is something for the child to take away at the end of your sessions. You could easily fill 4 to 6 lessons with what is in this lapbook. Of course you could create this completely free by using free resources from the website or if you want to reproduce my lapbook then the download is available for purchase here.

There are two versions, one in black and white so the child can colour the lettering etc and one in colour where they can just cut and stick. There are two alternative back covers which you can choose to add to the lapbook. One is a game about ‘Changes’ and the other is a weekly feelings diary. Of course you could add one of those to the back cover and just use the other separately.

To make up

All you need is one sheet of A3 card folded from each side.  The left flap is 10cm and the right flap is 11.5cm, this gives a slight overlap.

Front cover

The front cover of the lapbook

The resource includes ‘School’ or ‘Class’ so can be used for transition to another class.

I have tried with this resource to combine memories and moving on.

This is idea for working one to one with a child but also a year 6 teacher could do this over a couple of sessions with the whole class.

inside cover

The inside of the lapbook

This is a wonderful thing for them to take away with them.

back cover

The back cover of the lapbook


Alternate back cover

Alternative back cover – Feelings diary

Included in the Transition to another School or Class Lapbook is:

  • Name – child writes their name in a colourful way – they could write in bubble writing or decorate it anyway they wish.
  • Picture– either take a photo of the child to stick here or ask them to draw themselves.
  • Front cover title –  Moving on.
  • My new school or new class worries  – What sort of things are they worried about? Use the little monster writing sheets for children to write down their worries to put in the little pocket. Discuss these at each session and help to reassure the child about the changes that will happen when they move class or school.
  • Questions about my new school or class – This is a perfect opportunity to answer all those questions about the new school or class. You can either find out together or find out for the child.
  • My autograph and message book – This little book can be made up with as many pages as the child wants. Let them collect autographs and messages from friends to take on with them to the next school or class.
  • My goals and targets – This is a little layered book. The child has to come up with a target for the rest of the term, a target for the summer holidays and a target for the new school or class.
  • All about me tag book – Lots of questions to answer in this little tag book.
  • Treasure chest – Includes concertina books with some prompts but also includes a blank so you can ask different questions. The treasure box could contain anything that the child wants to keep safe. They could pop some little photos in there too.
  • A letter to my future self – What do they hope for in the future? How can they see themselves when they are in the next class or in their new school. What will they be doing? What will they have achieved? Will they have new friends? A letter could also be written telling their future self of what they are doing now, any of their concerns or worries etc.
  • Friends – The child can write their friend’s name and finish the image to look like their friend. All their friends can fit into the little pocket.
  • Changes game (back cover) – Change is a big part of transition and this little game is an ideal opportunity to explore change in a deeper way.
  • Emotional weekly register (alternative back cover) – The child can write their friend’s name and finish the image to look like their friend. All their friends can fit into the little pocket.





All about me



Thank you to one of the ELSAs in the ELSA group for sending in this photograph of the lapbooks her children have made. They are LOVING them!


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  • isabel brooks says:

    This is so comprehensive, i cant imagine that we will leave a stone unturned in our transition work with our year 4s going up to middle school and year 5.h
    thank so much… if you could see the massive documentation that was produced by some EPs a couple of years ago !!! utterly unfriendly and you’d need a week to complete an hours session ! if it wasn’t so shambolic it would be funny….
    we gave up….

    • Thank you for your lovely comment Isabel. Yes sometimes it needs basic common sense to create something that will be appealing and will help children in that important transition work. So glad you like the resource 🙂

  • Sam Jeffs says:

    I love this idea.

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