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Thoughts on Trial

This is our Thoughts on trial activity.

This resource offers a structured approach to challenge negative thoughts by weighing evidence for and against the thought by using a scale visual. Pupils can evaluate evidence supporting and contradicting their thoughts, fostering a balanced perspective. By engaging in this process, pupils can confront distorted thinking patterns, promoting resilience and positive mindset development.

Pupils can write their negative thought, then write their evidence for and against on the scales. This will help them look deeper into their negative thinking and look for the positives. They can then rewrite their thought in a more positive way.

There are three different coloured sheets – greyscale, pinks and blues.

Download: Thoughts on trial

"They are bright and colourful, easy to use, cheap (as I pay for them myself) and easy to dip in and out of when you need to mix and match resources for bespoke sessions. They are just great and I don't know how we'd all manage without you Debbie! Thank you x"

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